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Pattern / Routing Options

Examples of standard patterns and custom patterns that can be combined to create a unique style for your boat.

Don't see what your looking for, let our team assist in designing the style you desire for your boat.

Standard Patterns

Teak 2"

Hexagon Lg

Teak 3"

Hexagon Sm

Teak 4"

Diamond Lg

Teak 6"

Diamond Sm

Standard Plus Patterns


No Boarder

Super Hex

Chainlink Hex-D

Double Chainlink Hex-D No Boarder

Bolts & Nuts

V Tech - No Boarder

Planked - Mitered

Nailed Plank - Mitered

Custom Patterns

Pebble - Naked Feet Only

Randomness 1

Cats Eye With Mac N Cheese

Cats eye

Sierra West Boat Works
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